Moose Inn Hunting & Fishing Lodge

From the Spring 2005 edition of the KRAA newsletter. Written by Susan McKay.

During the winter, I was cleaning out some shoeboxes in the basement, they had been put there by my Dad in the 50’s, old income tax forms, bills for lumber from building boats, sales bills of boats he had built and sold, you know the stuff. But I came upon a real find. It was a brochure from the Moose Inn Hunting & Fishing Lodge. Folded in half and quite beige, but in pretty good shape!

Now to know the history of the Moose Lodge, you would have to refer to Bill Campbell’s book ‘”Northeastern Georgian Bay and it’s People” page 64, “The Moose is on Fire” and get the story as related by Mr. Campbell.

This is what the Promotion folder reads:

Moose Inn Hunting & Fishing Lodge — Fish — Ducks — Deer

Amongst the 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay near mouth French River

Address: Lloyd Collins, Ford Hotel, Toronto, Can. After June 1: Key Junction, Ont.

Moose Inn Fishing and Hunting Lodge is situated at the extreme north-eastern end of Georgian Bay – the waters of which are the largest body of fresh water in the world – on an island two and one-half acres, connected by a small bridge to Dokis Island, containing more than six hundred acres. Although the Lodge is only a little more than 200 miles north of Toronto, it is located in the heart of the wildest part of the French River district. We have one of the best spots for fishing and hunting in Canada, and we do not hesitate to say so. Not overlooking the fact that we have the healthiest climate in the world. Georgian Bay waters have medicinal value that cannot be denied by the most critical.

One can spend the whole summer here and go fishing on a new ground each day — all with rowing distance of the Lodge — and, most important of all, bring fish home. Skeptical fishermen will become yearly visitors at Moose Inn. Small-mouthed Black Bass taken from these waters give you the fight every fisherman dreams about. Pickerel qualify in the same class, and how delicious they taste. You can bet our chef knows how to serve them. He makes a specialty of fish and game either way you desire. Fish caught in this district: Small-mouth Black Bass, Pickerel, Lake Trout, Great Northern Pike and the biggest Muskies you ever saw.

Wild ducks in thousands stop over here during their southern migration, it is almost a daily occurrence for a shooter to remark, “flock of Blacks came in and actually lit amongst out decoys!” The Blue Bill (marsh and big bay) are very plentiful. We also have Green-wing Teals, Whistlers and Canvas Backs, not forgetting the wise old Mallards.
We don’t need sink boxes, batteries, etc… Ducks come in here that have never been shot at. Therefore, our guides arrange a blind within a few moments (or you can do the same) that give satisfactory results. Another important point-Duck shooters visiting the Moose Inn are not compelled to rise before daylight in order “to beat the other fellow to the blind!”

If you're n the crowded city
Feeling mighty tired and blue
Cock your ear and listen, Sportsman - 
It's the wind that's calling you.
The sunlight dances on the water,
A big fat Muskie swims below;
Leave the market to its lonesome.
Pack your bag and let us go.
Here's a country made for real men.
Deer and fish and wild ducks, too;
Can't you feel a mighty longing?
It's the wild that's calling you...

Make your reservations immediately. The Canadian National Railways agent in yout city will gladly give you infonnation concerning Moose Inn Fishing and Hunting Lodge or, better still, write direct and arrange for the best fishing or hunting trip you ever had.
No ‘skeeters or other pestiferous insects to annoy you. A DeIco Electrical Plant has been installed for the convenience of our guests. Imagine! Electric lights in the wilds.

This section of Northern Ontario has always been noted for its “Big Bucks” Due to the wonderful feed here and the almost impenetrable bush surrounding this territory they are increasing in numbers. Our services to Deer Hunters this season will include transportation to and from run-ways on islands and mainland in a large covered launch which will give ample protection against inclement weather. We have guides whom you will find dependable and honest. It is lawful to hunt Deer with dogs in Ontario. If you decide to bring your favourite hound along we will be very pleased to arrange this for you.

Guests desiring a Moose hunt should make reservations as early as possible. Why not write now for information regarding our special Fishing, Duck Shooting and Deer Hunting trip this fall? In other words kill three birds with one stone!”


One of the foremost reasons for the abundance of fish and game is that the nearest auto roads are approximately sixty miles either north or south – Sudbury and Parry Sound, respectively. Yet…

The lodge can easily be reached by the Canadian National Railways. Motorists can drive to Toronto, Parry Sound or Sudbury; park their cars there, and arrive at the Lodge by over-night trip from Toronto and within three hours from Parry Sound or Sudbury.

Moose Inn Special is a gas car with comfortable trailer attached. Sportsmen from everywhere comment on this novel way of getting in. In fact, it is the only way unless one chartered a private boat, but that cost would make it prohibitive.

Telegraphic communication with outside points is within one-half miles of the Lodge.

An unsolicited letter from a Pittsburgh sportsman reads:

“There are plenty of Bass in the immediate vicinity. The accommodations were excellent, the food the best we have had at any camp in Canada, and there was
a disposition of all connected with the camp to serve and make the stay pleasant for guests.”

Trains leaving Toronto daily at 10:35 p.m. arrive at Key Junction the following morning at 5:48. Here you are met by the Moose Inn Special, which hurries you through a seven-mile stretch of bush to Key Harbour, from where you are taken to the final one and one-half miles to the Lodge by motor launch, arriving in time for a seven o’clock breakfast and a day’s fishing or hunting. Our cook-house department is under the charge of an efficient chef.

Our rates are $5.00 per day American plan, $30.00 per week. Motorboats. $5.00 per day. Boats with outboard motors, $3.00 per day, Guides, $5.50 per day.

Row boats. Fishing Punts and Canoes, $1.00 per day.

Live bait of all kinds at reasonable rates. Decoys also supplied.

Non-resident Fish and Game Licenses can be procured at the Lodge. General Fishing season opens June 15; Bass and Muskie, July 1; Deer, Moose and Bear, October 25.

So that is what the brochure of the 30’s read like, there are some very interesting pictures on the folder too which I will try to have duplicated for our next issue. That’s it from the archives for Spring 2005.