If you are currently experiencing a medical emergency: Call 9-1-1

Key Harbour Helipad

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GPS: N 45.88787, W 80.73239 (N 45° 53′ 16.3314″, W 80° 43′ 56.6034″)
Address: 2611 Key River

The KRAA encourages you to confirm with first responders whether to travel to the highway or the helipad. ORNGE and dispatchers will make a decision regarding what form of transportation will be dispatched and, of late, helicopters have not been dispatched.

Visit the KRAA Emergency Phone Numbers page.

The Key Harbour helipad is a registered ORNGE air ambulance helipad landing site, approved for year-round day & night landings for medical evacuation. This helipad was recently re-built with the financial support of the Municipality of Killarney and is maintained by the KRAA for the benefit of its members and the larger community. It gets used more than we would like but we are always thankful that it is there and ready. Just another of the services provided by your KRAA.