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Key Harbour Helipad

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GPS: N 45.88787, W 80.73239 (N 45° 53′ 16.3314″, W 80° 43′ 56.6034″)
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The KRAA encourages you to confirm with first responders whether to travel to the highway or the helipad. ORNGE and dispatchers will make a decision regarding what form of transportation will be dispatched and, of late, helicopters have not been dispatched.

Keep in mind that there is no formal on-site emergency response in the area.

Visit the KRAA Emergency Phone Numbers page.

The Key Harbour helipad is a registered ORNGE air ambulance helipad landing site, approved for year-round day & night landings for medical evacuation. This helipad is maintained by the KRAA with support from the Municipality of Killarney for the benefit of its members and the larger community. I Just another of the services provided by your KRAA.

When ORNGE Responds to Emergencies

ORNGE is not part of the 911 system and cannot be called directly by the public.
After a 911 call comes in, hospitals, EMS, and primarily, Central Ambulance Communications Centres directly request ORNGE service.

ORNGE is a secondary responder. Requests for service must meet certain provincial guidelines (Air Ambulance Utilization Guidelines set forth by the MOHLTC) which can include time to patient, time to hospital, level of care required or other extraordinary circumstances and clinical factors based on field trauma triage or specific medical criteria. Whether or not ORNGE responds is also determined by availability of helicopters (they may already be servicing a call or may be unavailable for mechanical or staffing reasons) and, of course, weather conditions.

On scene response is not part of their primary mandate and so they do not keep resources free just for this type of response.

So people cannot assume that ORNGE will come. But if they do, even just once, and it saves a life – it’s worth it.

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