Wildfire soil remediation and research update

In 2022, the KRAA contributed financially to an effort by Professor Mike Waddington to begin soil restoration after the devastating PS33 fire of 2018. A test plot was selected in Sand Bay, and work was scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022. The following update was provided by Alan Burke, former board member of the KRAA, on the progress of Professor Waddington’s efforts:

The 2022 season started with high hopes and ended with the realization that this work is a long process and patience is necessary.
By July, covid restrictions on site work were lifted, so Mike and his team were able to finalize their plans for testing ways to fast track moss and soil recovery, with strategies that can be expanded to other locations.
However, weather stepped in, with a lack of precipitation in August and September. This made the harvested moss too dry to transplant – and so the season ended before better conditions returned.
Now, with the 2023 season upon us, the process picks up with plans for extensive work in the spring, once the ice is out but the moss is still damp. The team is likely to stay on our property from time to time as the work progresses.
As for KRAA donations to this work, Mike says that he is not in need of more money at this point, as he will be applying last year’s cheque to this year’s work.

Update on Dr Waddington’s work from Alan Burke