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The newsletter of the KRAA

Current Issue, Winter 2013, Volume 16.1

What's inside:

President's message
John Bell discusses the "key" issues.

Getting to your cottage in the spring of 2013
Jerry Smitka talks about how the river will look this spring and what you need to know to get in safely.

Reversing the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
Jerry Smitka discusses the possibility of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal reversing its flow due to low water levels.

Getting there from here
Jerry Smitka outlines what needs to be done to restore water levels in the middle Great Lakes. Also, find out the late-breaking news from the IJC.

Fishing derby results
Congratulations to this year's winners and thanks to Ted for organizing.

Report from your GBA rep
Alan Burke talks about the largest issue facing the GBA - water levels - and how they are addressing it.

KRAA annual pot-luck picnic
It was off to a windy start but a great time was had by all. Thanks to all for making it such a great event.

KRAA annual general meeeting
Did you miss the meeting? Get a quick summary of all the topics covered in the newsletter. Be sure to put the next one in your calendar - Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our trip to the Bustard light houses
What an amazing spot! Find out about the rugged Bustard Island rocks and the light houses that were used to ensure safe navigation around them.

Lightning strikes tree on Bigsby
Burns down sleeping cabin. Dana Porter tells the story of the fire that took their bunky and the neighbours and emergency responders who prevented it from taking more. See the video of the MNR crew landing on Bigsby

Every 4 years MPAC reassesses our cottage values for taxation purposes.If you feel you cottage has been evaluated too high you need to send in your request for reconsideration by March 31 2013. Check your information insert from the Municipality of Killarney for more information. Go to the MPAC website and try to navigate their site for more information.

Other KRAA Business
Directors' contact information is listed. Also, see the treasurer's report.


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