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Key points are the IMPORTANT REMINDERS & NEWS you need to know now:


Welcome to 2016 Everyone! Winter came late this year but hopefully everyone is enjoying what is left of it and/or travelling to warmer temperatures with family and friends. Please see our 2016 annual membership renewal form for the KRAA and GBA. There is a small $5 increase in GBA fees due to increased costs. If you could please renew at your earliest convenience it would be greatly appreciated by our Treasurer. Thanks.

As a result of last summer's AGM, here are the names of your KRAA Board members: Chris Dawson (President), Peter Turkstra (VP), VACANT-looking for a volunteer (Secretary), Karen Turkstra (Treasurer), Jennifer Spiess (webmaster), John Bell (past President)l, Alan Burke (GBA rep), Lana Calder, Ted Clarke, Daniele Fleming, Lisa Kivinen, Cary Kokkonen, Paul Ruston & Jerry Smitka. A big welcome to our new Board members Andrew Hurlbut and Jennifer Kivinen. Retired from the Board is Dana Porter. Many thanks to all for their volunteer service and time to our shared piece of paradise on the Georgian Bay. Please contact any one of us with questions or concerns.

Here are some updates that the Board is working on and monitoring for our area. Please refer to the website (www.kraa.ca) or facebook page (www.facebook.com/KeyRiverAreaAssociation) for updates and more detailed information on the following issues:

  1. advocate for the 911 civic addresses for those outside of the Key River who do not yet have these important emergency numbers identifying our properties for emergency services. We have email confirmation that our Ward 2 Councilors will bring the request forward in the 2016 budget. It's a hot topic for all Georgian Bay seasonal water access first response calls. Stay tuned.
  2. continue to keep the membership apprised of important developments, approvals or decisions regarding the Henvey Inlet Wind Farm Project (see KRAA's wind farm page or www.hifn.ca or www.henveyinletwind.com).
  3. at the August 2015 Helipad inspection we were advised that our helipad needs to be relocated or expanded to accommodate ORNGE's larger aircraft for night landings. We have approached the Municipality of Killarney to fully fund the expansion and we are working together throughout the winter to ensure that the helipad is NIGHT landing compliant by the late spring or early summer. Please note that we are compliant for daylight landings but are not compliant for night landings under the current configuration. ORNGE pilots are currently being trained for night landings with night vision goggles. Stay tuned. Thank you Paul Ruston for maintaining the helipad area.
  4. water levels are higher than usual due to high precipitation over the past several months. At the present time, water levels in 2016 are expected to be slightly higher than the summer 2015 levels.
  5. the AGM for 2016 will be held at Key Harbour Lodge at 10:00 a.m. Sunday July 31st.
  6. the Fishing Derby starts at 8:30 a.m. Sunday July 31st at Key Harbour Lodge.
  7. despite the weather, the annual Potluck Community picnic at Diamond Key Lodge was well attended, had great food in a relaxed friendly environment and served as a great location overall. Thank you Turkstra Family. Peter and Karen are thrilled to host it again this year starting at 3 p.m. Sunday July 31st. Diamond Key Lodge is located in Finn Channel south of the mouth of the Key River.
  8. the Bell cell tower is still in negotiation/approval stage for location on private property at the mouth of the Key.
  9. the Key River Walleye restoration project was approved and both the upper and lower spawning sites have been improved with 160 tons of river rock and 42 tons of larger boulders. The 14 years of low water conditions jeopardized and compromised the walleye population so we are hopeful these improved spawning conditions will pay off. Thank you Jerry Smitka for all of your great work and environmental advocacy protecting the fishery.
  10. we are using social media and email to keep you up to date on issues. Please let us know if your email address changes or please "like" our facebook page and provide your email address so that you are advised when new information is posted. Please send Jennifer Spiess (info@kraa.ca or jennifer@spiess.ca) your pictures and stories to post on FB or the website. We would love to see and share them. Thank you Jennifer for maintaining these important communication tools for our members and community.

Please see other updates about the alignment of the new highway and timeframe, economic development improvements for the entire Municipality of Killarney, wiki Land Claim status, Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council (EGBSC) spawning bed survey and analysis, etc.

Hope to see you all at the Key!

Sincerely and on behalf of the Board, thank you for your continued KRAA membership,

Chris Dawson, President KRAA, info@keyharbourlodge.com


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