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UPDATE July 2016

The Bell Cell Phone Tower at the Key Harbour is still in the Bell plan but they do not have the funding for it yet. It was suggested that Key River Area residents write to Bell through Mayor Virginia Rook as she is scheduled to meet with them in the near future.

UPDATE 2014 - Please let the KRAA board know your thoughts on this project

As discussed at our 2014 AGM, discussions are underway to put in a Bell Mobility Tower in Key Harbour to improve access to the cellular network. The tower site that is proposed is out beind Paul R's place.

Pros would include:

  • better cellular reception,
  • better access to emergency services should the need arise,
  • ability to work remotely for some, and
  • just a generally more dependable phone service, especially important for permanent residents but definitely a plus for seasonal residents, too.

Cons would include:

  • the tower itself - it will be well back from the shore but it will still be visible, and
  • of course, you won't be able to claim bad cell reception anymore when the boss calls...

All kidding aside, we think this is a net benefit to the community but let us know your thoughts. Please let Bell know your thoughts, too. This public consultation brochure came to some residents recently. It has some good info and tells you how to give Bell feedback on the project. (Please note the July 27, 2015 deadline for comments):


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