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Municipality of Killarney

About the Municipality of Killarney

Current projects before council -

Provision of 911 numbers (green address numbers) for the Key River Area

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018 - Everyone along the Key River and at the mouth of the Key Harbour should have their green 911 civic address identifying their properties for emergency services. We have been informed by our Ward 2 Councillors of Killarney that the software for the civic addressing OUTSIDE of the Key River & Harbour and into the Georgian Bay is being downloaded next with the help of the MNRF Lands People. The software previously used had limitations and was not sufficient. Assigning 911 civic addresses should be done by the early summer. This is great news! Stay tuned.

UPDATE JANUARY 2017 - 911 civic addresses for those outside of the Key River will continue to be a priority for the KRAA as a key to identifying properties for emergency services. We will request consideration for the 2017 Municipality of Killarney budget as the helipad expansion took priority and was funded for 2016. It continues to be a hot topic for all Georgian Bay seasonal water access first response calls. Stay tuned.

UPDATE JANUARY 26, 2016 - KRAA continues to advocate for the 911 civic addresses for those outside of the Key River who do not yet have these important emergency numbers identifying our properties for emergency services. We have email confirmation that our Ward 2 Councilors will bring the request forward in the 2016 budget. It's a hot topic for all Georgian Bay seasonal water access first response calls. Stay tuned.

Councillor Rook reports that the Parry Sound and Manitoulan DSSAB's are doing a report on how to better service seasonal water access first response calls. This is a hot topic in ward 2 as well as throughout Georgian Bay. This report is supposed to be tabled in April. If accepted by the board any changes / improvements and costs would be incorporated in the 2017 DSSAB budgets.

Killarney Area Rating Investigation

UPDATE AUGUST 19, 2016 - PUBLIC MEETINGS ON AREA RATING IN KILLARNEY - Come out and let your elected officials know your thoughts on the matter.

Public meetings are being held by the Municipality of Killarney to address the issue of Area Rating and solicit feedback. There is one meeting in Killarney on Thursday, August 25th, but the French River meeting on Wednesday, August 24th is likely more convenient to Key River Area residents. Details below:

You can see some background information on this issue from a few years ago at:

New Highway 400 Construction

UPDATE JANUARY 26, 2016 - Councillor Pierre Paquette reports that the alignment of the new highway and time frame was discussed with the official at MTO during the S.E.M.A meeting on November 19th and Mayor Rook even got a copy of the large display map. For those that are interested, it is available to KRAA members on the Ministry's Website. See http://news.ontario.ca/mndmf/en/2016/01/ontario-continuing-to-invest-in-highway-69-expansion.html

Wiki Land Claim

UPDATE JANUARY 26, 2016 - Councillor Rook reports that this land claim is actually two claims. The first is for 41 islands in northern Georgian Bay from Point Grondine to Manitoulan Island. This is the claim for which a decision is near. The comment period for the Wiki land claim has closed and some sort of decision is expected within a year from the provincial and federal governments. No privately held land will be expropriated but crown land may be substituted to offset the private holdings.

The second claim is for all the islands in the bay from Midland to Sault Ste Marie. This claim is still outstanding but there are no negotiations that we are aware of.

The municipality has entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding with Wiki, which they feel will give Killarney the opportunity to negotiate directly with Wiki to hopefully mitigate any concerns or future issues on behalf of ratepayers if the 41 island claim is settled.

You'll recall that the GBA had asked KRAA members back in the fall to provide feedback to government on the proposal. See GBA Wiki Request.

Killarney Economic Development Strategy

UPDATE JANUARY 26, 2016 - Councillor Paquette reports that at last council meeting Jan 13th, economic development was discussed with respect to the entire municipality (and not just ward 1) and ways it can be improved. I.e. Welcome sign at the mouth of the Key River to improve local tourism and commerce.

The phase 1-2 and 3 reports from 2015 are available for viewing at: http://killarney.clearlogic.ca


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Council Meetings

  • Regular Council Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7pm, Killarney Municipal Building
  • Agendas & minutes on the Killarney website:
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