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Here is the latest update from Ken Noble, President & CEO of Nigig Power:

"We have suffered a lot of delays due to on-site environmental permitting and land control for the transmission line but the project is still proceeding. We expect to go into full construction this fall and will be online in 2019, about a year later than expected. We'll keep you informed once the actual start/end dates for construction are nailed down."


We will continue to keep the membership apprised of important developments, approvals or decisions regarding the Henvey Inlet Wind Farm Project. Visit www.hifn.ca or www.henveyinletwind.com for more information.


The HIFN issued a letter supporting their own Environmental Assessment Review in early 2016. Construction activity seems to have slowed down. At this point in time we continue to wait for a more formal update on the Wind Turbine Project on the Henvey Inlet lands. It was suggested that the KRAA write to the Federal and Provincial Governments requesting an update on the project and to find out what Species At Risk were reported for the project. The membership has concerns about the impact of the project on many species.

Updates - June 2016

"Henvey Inlet First Nation, ON, April 04, 2016 – Henvey Inlet First Nation (“HIFN”) leadership has issued an environmental permit to Henvey Inlet Wind LP (“HIW LP”) for the proposed 300 megawatt wind farm project to be constructed and operated on HIFN Land.  HIW LP is a joint venture between Nigig Power Corporation, which is wholly owned by HIFN, and Pattern Energy Group LP."

For full details, see:


Updates - Late Aug 2015

There was terrific attendance at the meeting with Nigig on August 15th. Many thanks to Ken Noble, Kim Arnold and Bob Howsam for attending and providing us more information on the project.

Attendees were shown the draft update to the turbine locations. Nigig and Pattern have tried to remove as many of the turbines identified as "of most concern" to residents as possible. (Click the photo to enlarge.)


Updates - Aug 2015

IMPORTANT MEETING RE WINDFARM - Saturday, August 15th @ 10am at Key Harbour Lodge

This is an important meeting with our neighbours from Henvey Inlet about their wind farm project. In attendance will be Ken Noble, President of Nigig, Acting Chief of HIFN Lionel Fox (as Chief Wayne is on bereavement leave) and Kimberley Arnold of Pattern Energy.

They have very kindly offered to come and talk to the community about the project and answer any questions we may have. Please seriously consider attending this meeting so that your questions about anything related to the Wind Turbines can be answered, addressed and heard by the above 3 individuals i.e.) turbine locations, species at risk, environment, winter snow trails etc. All 3 are very knowledgeable and informed and your input will be very important to them. Now is your chance to make sure they have your inputs.


Updates - July 2015

Come to a Public Information Session for the Henvey Wind Farm - Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm @ Royal Canadian Legion Hall - Britt.

NOTE!!! - You may want to read the background information provided by Peter T. before you go. See:

The Henvey Inlet First Nations (HIFN) is planning to put up to 120 wind turbines on their land in the near future. A 2nd Public Meeting will be held July 25th in Britt (see official notice). We think that it is important for you or a family member to attend or write so that you can speak to the location of the wind turbines in our area. WITHOUT YOUR INPUT THE ENGINEERS WILL DECIDE. Click on the map below to get an enlarged view of the area. Note the scale in the legend at the bottom right.

Click to enlarge

Team members and subject area experts will be in attendance at the PICs to discuss the Interim Draft Reports (http://henveyinletwind.com/documents/) prepared for the HIWEC.

The HIFN band has made it clear to us that they will listen to residents and their comments, objections etc. as they will always be our neighbour.

In addition to the above meeting, another public meeting will be held August 1st in Britt and Parry Sound (see Events page) however, it has to do more with the Hydro Corridor location and less about the turbine locations.

You can and should "subscribe" to this link:

so that you receive direct information about the project. Since the potential turbine locations that are now publicized effect everyone differently, it is ultimately your responsibility to advocate for change or reasonableness.

Please forward this information to any non-members whom you know.



Your KRAA board needs your input on this project so we can better represent your views. To help you in finding all the relevant information, we have collected some documents and links here about the Nigig Wind Farm proposed for construction on the Henvey Inlet First Nation's territory, south of the Key River. Since the wind farm will be in close proximity to many of our members' properties, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the information and participate in public meetings on the topic, where possible.

The project consists of both a wind farm and a high-voltage transmission line to carry the power generated to the grid:

More information can be found on the project on the HIFN website at:

There was a public consultation meeting held on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 in Britt. KRAA board members were in attendance:

We expect another meeting will be held over the summer and encourage as many Key River Area residents as possible to attend.


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