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Please send HIFN your thoughts on this project - they want to hear from us

Backgrounder compiled by Peter Turkstra for the KRAA

To:         Board of Directors and Members of the K.R.A.A.
Re:         Update on information 


We asked Pattern/Nigig Power to respond to some questions regarding the wind-turbine project; we have attached the questions and responses (below).

Since Pattern have not concluded their negotiations regarding the specific wind-turbine manufacturer, the current map continues to show about 120 possible locations.   We are told this will be cut back to approximately 91-92 Turbines. 

I have had very constructive discussions with both Chief Wayne McQuabbie (Henvey Inlet First Nation) and Ken Noble (President of Nigig Power).    They both committed to listening to feedback from residents.

  • They have committed to setting up a meeting to sit with us at a location on the Key.
    • We are trying to arrange this for the middle of August. 

At this point, Nigig/Pattern are not in a position to determine which wind-turbines will be removed from the final plan.  However, if you have feedback, please do take the time to attend the information session or contact them by email.        

For other updates, you can keep in touch by joining the Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/KeyRiverAreaAssociation

Cheers.    Peter

Peter Turkstra

Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 09:14:41 -0400
From: dianna.wheatley@nigigpower.com
To: pturkstra@sympatico.ca
Subject: Henvey Inlet Wind

Hello Peter,

As discussed in our meeting of July 2, the following is a compilation of questions/comments (including the addition 2 questions from your email dated July 13th) that you have asked to various team members and our responses.

Question 1: What are the minimum setbacks of the turbines from Georgian Bay? Response: The minimum setback is 500m.

Question 2: What is the minimum setback of the turbines from the Land Claim Area?
Response: There is no minimum setback but the turbines are not within the Land Claim Area.

Question 3: What are the minimum setbacks of the turbines from residents and cottages?
Response: The minimum setback is 550m.

Question 4: What is the minimum setback from the turbines and Key River?
Response: The minimum setback is 120m.

Question 5: What is the minimum setback from inland lakes?
Response: There are no inland lakes on the HIWEC site; they are wetlands with open water. We are avoiding wetlands, however in very few circumstances we will need to cross wetlands. Where we do not cross wetlands, we generally have a 30 m setback. There are no turbines in wetlands.

Question 6: I have concerns regarding forest fire control; these windmills have been known to burst into flames when they malfunction. What is the fire plan?
Response: Turbines bursting into flames is extremely rare. We will have a complete Operations Manual which will include a detailed plan should there be a fire on the HIWEC site. The HIWEC will have staff on site and will be able to respond according to the fire plan. Furthermore, the turbines will have sensors that will alert the on-site staff should there be a fire on the turbine.

Question 7: Will a comprehensive environmental assessment be completed, including Endangered and Species at risk reviews?
Response: Yes, an environmental assessment (EA) in accordance with HIFN EA requirements which will be at least equivalent in effect to the federal and provincial standards applicable to similar wind energy generation facilities located in Ontario, not on Reserve lands. In addition, we are in consultation with Environment Canada with respect to Species At Risk on the HIWEC. We are required to meet Environment Canada requirements related to Species at Risk.

Question 8: What is the current status of the potential turbine choice?
Response: We are currently in negotiations with a preferred vendor. We should have one selected by sometime in July.

Question 9: What are the dimensions and sizes of the turbines?
Response: The hub height is expected to be between 115m and 120m, the rotor diameter will be between 125m and 130m and the generator size will be up to 3.45 MW.

Question 10: What is the size, heigh, power rating, decibel rating of the turbine?
Response: Please see question no. 9 above. As soon as we select the turbine make and model, we will provide you with the remaining information.

Question 11: If you are only planning 90-95 turbines, which turbines are likely to be eliminated?
Response: Until we have the following information, we will be unable to review if any turbines will be removed: turbine make and model selected, constructibility reviews, installation costs, environmental data, wind productivity data and comments from the HIFN community, public and agencies.

Question 12: When will the final "draft" of turbine locations be published?
Response: When we have all the information outlined in question no. 11 , we will publish the final turbine locations.

Question 13: Where does the decision stand regarding the Hydro Corridor? Are you going East or South?
Response: The decision whether Route A or B is chosen for the Transmission Line is dependent on feedback from the Independent Electrical Systems Operator (IESO). We should be in a position to make final section by the Fall of 2015.

Question 14: When is the deadline for public consultation and who should residents be contacting? Response: The public can comment anytime by sending an email to or calling HIW as per the Notices at info@henveyinletwind.com and 1-705-857-5265.
Question 15: If residents are concerned or wish to voice their option, what is the appeal process?
Response: Since the approval for the HIWEC is with HIFN, any concerns during or after the Environmental Permit is issued by HIFN, should be directed to HIFN.

Question 16: What are the other significant milestones for Pattern (i.e. EA, hydro corridor decision, approvals schedule and construction schedule)?
Response: The EA is being completed for the purpose of HIFN and their approvals process. If HIFN is in agreement with the EA (e.g. potential impacts and proposed mitigation measures to eliminate and minimize the impacts) then they will issue the Environmental Permit. We are aiming for December 2015 to be issued the Environmental Permit. The decision on which option we will be constructing for the Transmission Line, is with the IESO and we anticipate hearing the decision by the Fall of 2015. Construction of the HIWEC and Transmission Line are expected to begin May 2016 and Summer 2016 respectively and therefore, we will obtain all other required approvals by construction or the element of work that the approval is for.

Question 17: There are many concerns by the residents that are not being updated. Response: Please encourage residents to send their questions to info@henveyinlet.com or call 1-705-857-5265.

Question 18: Some residents seem to have received notifications regarding well impacts.
Response: Yes, residents that live within 1.5 km of a turbine and live south of Key River, have received notification of a water well survey. As part of our due diligence, we are aiming to assess all water wells as a baseline study for protection during construction.

Question 19: At the August 2nd KRAA AGM, Chief McQuabbie and staff have been invited.
Response: At the same time as the KRAA AGM, HIFN has a community meeting and Chief McQuabbie will no be able to attend. We would very much like to meet with the KRAA members to provide you with information about HIWEC and answer any questions. Can you please provide us with an alternate date and time?

Question 20: The public meetings were held in the dead of winter when few people could attend.
Response: We are required to provide the public with preliminary information early in the EA process in order for the public to provide us with information to help in our decision making. We are planning on having an additional public meeting on July 25, 2015.

Question 21: Many people have signed up for updates but are not receiving them. Response: Our apologies. If you could encourage these people to email us at info@henveyinletwind.com with their mailing address, we will add them to our mailing list. We will have a sign up sheet at the next public meeting on July 25th.

Question 22: Decommissioning will be at the whim of HIFN.
Response: An Interim Decommissioning Plan has been posted to the HIWEC website. This provides information on the decommissioning that is planned by HIFN.

Question 23: How many trucks are needed to carry each turbine?
Response: There will be approximately 10 trucks needed to carry the components of each turbine. Turbine delivery will occur over a span of approximately 6 to 8 months.

Question 24: Will any of the roads built have public access? In particular for those cottagers near Georgian Bay.
Response: Currently, the roads will not be accessible to the public. HIFN may consider this.

Question 25: With respect to the public information centres in the summer of 2015, are you doing 2 sessions or has the date changed? This one now says August 1st.
Response: The meeting for the HIWEC is on July 25th which is the wind development and the HIW-Transmission Line meeting is on August 1st. We are hosting the Transmission Line meeting in 2 locations over 1 day giving cottagers and residents a chance to drop into the location nearer to them.

Question 26: Will this have an impact on Britt Radar?
Response: We are in the process of discussing the HIWEC with Environment Canada who own and operate the Britt Radar Station. In our Final EA Report, an update on our discussions will be provided.

Question 27: Will this have an impact to the Orange Helicopter Service to the Helipad?
Response: We are required to provide NAV CANADA with specific information about the location of the turbines in order to determine if there is any impact to navigational safety. Once our layout is finalized, we will be submitting this information to NAV CANADA for their evaluation. In addition, Transport Canada will stipulate the lighting schematic of HIWEC in order that the turbines will be clearly visible to air traffic.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@henveyinletwind.com.

Sent on behalf of Henvey Inlet Wind.

Dianna Wheatley
Administrative Assistant
Nigig Power Corporation
O: 705-857-5265



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